2mm Previews part #2

Following on from yesterday’s post, we have a few more 2mm bits and pieces – again, if you follow our blog regularly you’ll have seen these in master form but not as castings.

First up, three small coastal fortifications. The centre model may look like a small house inside a stone wall, because that’s in fact what it is – I visited the site last year and had no idea I was walking round a fort, from ground level it looks very unimposing (I was more interested in the various WW2 bunkers around it). However, it is Fort Vauville, a Vauban fort from the Seven Years War. If you want to stay there, it’s available to rent as a holiday home – and the beach on which it sits is fantastic, if a bit windy.

The two models at the back are more recognisable, being two variants of Martello Tower, of which almost fifty survive around the coast of south-east England and in many other places around the world.

The three forts should be available in a month or so.


Finally (for today) we have two non-military coastal models – a small lighthouse and a daymark (a lighthouse without a light, effectively).


A big box of new 3D prints arrived at Brigade Towers yesterday, so we’ll be previewing more new stuff next week.