2mm Previews part #1

Phil and I have finally cleared the recent mini-tsunami of orders, so we’re hopefully back to normal again – which should mean more time to post here (and, before anyone asks, I’ll be back to prepping the new British spaceship masters for moulding).

Amongst the flurry of casting, Phil did find time to pop a few models in moulds. If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll have seen most of these before, but only in master form – this is the first view of the castings. We’ll have a new 2mm release at the end of this week and the models below will follow over the next month or so.

Firstly we have two railway sets, one of various English railway buildings including platforms, two small stations, water tower, signal box, and two engine sheds. And to base all of this around, obviously a pack of track is needed.



The next couple of models are to support our recently released Mediterranean village. There is a large church (very large, much bigger than any of the English ones) and a small (but very exclusive) hotel with it’s own grounds including a pond and summerhouse.



We’ll have more previews tomorrow.

Andy Bouffard


How many of these new 2mm figures will be packaged together and what will the cost be?



The railway buildings pack is what you see in the picture and will be £7*; the track pack will contain 10 straights, 10 curves and two each of the left and right hand points for £5. The church and hotel will be sold individually for around £2.50. (* – all prices subject to change at the last minute, but not by much).