On the Right Track

We’re on a roll now with the new releases – we have not one, but two new sets in our 2mm scenics range this week (although they are closely related). If you’re going to depict a proper late C.19th scene (the timeframe for Land Ironclads and slap in the middle of the Age of Steam) you really need railways to move people and goods, so we have sets of both track and railway buildings.




VLI-8023 – Railway Track – £5.00
VLI-8024 – Railway Buildings – £7.00


These are obviously British-style railway buildings, so we know we’ll have to follow up with stations and other buildings for continental, US and other railway systems.

In answer to the obvious question, we’ll be following up with rolling stock and engines at a later date, and also a pet favourite of mine, armoured trains …

Thaddeus Gregory Blanchette

Can you please give us some measurments on those track sections so we can get an idea of how many sets to order?