New 15mm Buildings

Following on from their release at SELWG, we’ve added our two new 15mm buildings to the website and they’re ready to order now. The first is a 15mm version of one of our more popular 6mm buildings, the humble Garage, the other is the third in our fledgling line of more advanced SF buildings.

We’ve also created a pack of the three advanced buildings, saving £1 per building – although this offer won’t be around for long.

B15-102 Garage/Workshop – £7.00
B15-203 Large Building – £10.00
B15-200 Pack of three advanced buildings – £23.00



We also have a quick preview of two new buildings in the advanced range – smaller, workshop/hut sized models.


15mm Previews

We haven’t had any previews for a while (see previous posts whinging about lack of time, sleep etc …). However, I’ve finally got around to cleaning up some new 15mm turret variants for the EuroFed vehicles and thought you’d all like a peak.

Gallieni Tank Destroyer

Juin AA Tank

Tassigny AA
Tassigny AA Vehicle

Tassigny MICV
Tassigny with support turret

Weygand MRL

Glorie Self-propelled howitzer

No release date yet, but hopefully it won’t be too long …

Crisis Management

Crisis is one of our favourite shows – it has a great atmosphere, an excellent standard of demo games and we get a day trip to the continent thrown in for good measure. It’s a long, tiring day but worth the effort.


However it seems to be a very up-and-down show in terms of takings – we’ve had some fantastic years, and one or two others where we barely covered our costs. Last year was a good ‘un, and we’re very much looking forward to our trip in less than three weeks’ time. However, we have taken a very hard look at the costs of the show and decided that we have to make a change. For the two of us to get to Antwerp, with van, is a costly exercise with van hire costs (50% more than a usual show because we’re taking it abroad), fuel, channel tunnel crossing , breakdown insurance etc. So this year we’re going to cut back, and would like to introduce you to Brigade Models Lite™. This involves taking my car only, crammed with as much stock as we can carry, but obviously not as much as we can get in a Transit van. It saves us two days’ van hire, we’ll use less diesel and the Eurotunnel crossing is also cheaper – in all we expect to save over £200.

So – and this is the VERY IMPORTANT BIT – we will not be taking any individual stock of the following:

  • Aeronef
  • Land Ironclads
  • 6mm vehicles
  • Squadron Commander
  • Spaceship (except the new British)

We’ve looked back over our sales for the previous 2-3 years and identified these as the things we can afford to leave behind since demand for them isn’t always great. We will be taking a full stock of fleet packs and blister packs (in fact probably more than we normally would, to make up for the missing individual items), but you won’t be able to buy single models.

One exception is new releases – we’ll be carrying the full range of the new British spaceships, both in fleet packs and individual models.

We will be taking the full range of

  • Celtos models
  • 15mm SF figures
  • vehicles and buildings
  • 6mm SF buildings
  • 2mm Buildings
  • Great War Belgians
  • dice and bases
  • a selection of the more popular items from the Shapeways range

We will of course accept pre-orders for individual items – so if you’d like us to bring along anything for you, just let us know.

And about *@$%ing time too…… #2

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, we started making some British spaceships. Lots of people seemed to like them, and we brought them out in time for Salute. But when we looked closely, they weren’t as good as we hoped they would be – the one-piece castings of the capital ships were too chunky and suffered from pitting, and the detail wasn’t as clear as we had hoped. So we abandoned the first set of moulds and masters (which cost a not insignificant sum to scrap) and started again. It’s taken six months to get them ready for release again (it shouldn’t have, but we both have real jobs which have an inconvenient habit of getting in the way) but we’re finally there.


Ten models and two packs, on the website at last, and also available at SELWG this coming Sunday.

When I get a chance I’ll post up some comparison shots of the old and new models, and show why we decided to remake the moulds.

And about *@$%ing time too……

About a hundred years ago (well earlier this year actually but it seems like a long time) we released the first of our “advanced buildings” in 15mm. Since then people have been nagging for the third one to made available. Well I’ve finally pulled my finger out and made the mould.

buliding 3 front

building 3 back

We’ll have some at SELWG this weekend. Not sure how many as it depends on the number I can cast before Sunday morning. We’ll also have the 15mm garage for sale as well.

Right Here, Right Now

Long ago we used an old fashioned swipe machine with the carbon receipt slips to take credit card payments. That was until we discovered that the fees we were paying to the bank to use it were way, way more than we were taking in payments ! So we packed it up, sent it back and instead took to manually taking credit card details on paper and running the cards when we returned to base – of course the risk with this is that the payment could be refused, in which case we would out of pocket as the customer already has the goods (although in fact this never happened apart from once, and we were able to contact the customer and arrange alternative payment – wargamers are a very honest bunch in general).

However, no longer will we need to do this – for we have a new toy in Brigade Towers. It’s a little widget called a PayPal Here (no, we don’t know why either). It’s for reading both Chip and Pin and older swipe cards, which connects by Bluetooth to my smartphone and allows us to process credit card payments on the spot and send the customer a receipt by either e-mail or text message. Isn’t technology wonderful ! PayPalHere

We’ll be using this at all forthcoming shows, with SELWG just round the corner and Crisis not far away (or which more news once SELWG is out of the way).

Still Working Hard

It’s still slow going here at Brigade Towers – I’ve been slogging away at my real job as we go through a series of project milestones, with late nights the norm, culminating in getting home from work at 1am on Friday (well, Saturday morning). This sob story means little time has been available for Brigade work, although I have resorted to taking tins to work to clean up at lunchtime !

September has always been a slow month sales-wise, usually around 30% lower than any other month of the year as everyone recovers from holiday spending and gets back into the swing of school and work. For once this has been a blessing, as Phil and I have been able to keep on top of orders in the time we are able to spare. However, it has severely hampered our attempts to work on any new releases for SELWG. We will have the remastered British spaceships, and it’s a big deal for us to get those out. I finally did a little bit more painting on a set of them last night and they’re coming along nicely. They need a little more detail work, then some decals and they’ll be ready for proper photographs (in the meantime, here’s another snap of them on the workbench).


We did spend a full day at the workshop to produce stock for the show and have another day booked next week, so we should have plenty to sell. However, as always if there’s anything that you really want to get hold of then you can always place an advance order with us to make sure we have exactly what you want. You can place an order via the website and pay in advance by selecting the ‘Collect in Person’ option, or you can just e-mail us a list and pay on the day. As always, there’s a 10% discount for any order of £50 or over placed for collection at the show (we’ll refund this manually if you order via the website).

We will also have a good selection of items from our Shapeways store available at the show – we took a number of bits to Salute and they sold well, so we thought we’d increase the range of items available at future shows. So this is a good chance to get hold of some power pylons, mooring towers, maybe a comms antenna, and save postage into the bargain.