Titanium Dropship


Dropship Horizon are running a 15mm Science-fiction painting competition with lots of prize support from manufacturers (including, we modestly point out, ourselves – although we haven’t yet determined exactly what we’re putting up!). There are three categories for vehicles, infantry and scenery, so there’s scope for everyone. For more details see the dropship:


And of course this is a good chance to remind you that you can still pick up some 15mm items to paint up for the competition at 15% off in our January sale

Aeronef Gaming Weekend

Last year we attended Dave Frampton’s Aeronef Weekend at Stoke Rochford Hall near Grantham in Lincolnshire.


Dave’s organising another event this year over the weekend of 21st/22nd/23rd of February. This year the ‘Nef game will be based in the Caribbean and will run over the two days, and there will also be some 15mm Gruntz gaming happening as well with the rules author, Robin Fitton, in attendance. Two day’s stay at the hotel plus breakfast and evening meal is just £99 per person, which is an absolute bargain.

For more details contact David by e-mail or call on 1476 531203.


Happy New Year !

We hope you all had a splendid Christmas and are recovering well from the excesses of New Year’s Eve.


A few hours later than expected (I was a bit under the weather yesterday which kept me away from the keyboard), we’re happy to announce our New Year Sale. As in previous years, it’s a straightforward 15% discount off everything that we make – no minimum order, just 15% off everything. There are one or things it doesn’t apply to – essentially anything that we don’t make ourselves (so dice and bases, any rulebooks, the Shapeways range) on which our margins are much narrower.

The sale will run until the end of the month – midnight GMT on January 31st – so there’s no rush, you have a month to get your orders in.

*UPDATE* – if you’re a regular visitor to our site, you might want to refresh your browser (hit the F5 key or -> reload/refresh on most Windows machines) just before you add the first item to your shopping basket. The shopping cart code is carried in a Java file which can be cached (ie an old version retained) by your browser and in this case the discounts won’t be applied correctly – hopefully refreshing the page will force this file to be updated. We are checking every order that comes in and if this does happen to you then don’t worry, we will manually refund the correct discount to you as soon as we can. I’m on the hunt for a better technical solution to fix this problem since it’s happened before.

Have a great 2014 !