New Releases – 15mm German vehicles

More new releases in our 15mm range, this time in the German army to counter the recent EuroFed releases.


We have three new models, the first being a twin-gun fire support version of the Thor tank. Known unofficially by its crews as the ‘Hodur’, in Norse mythology a blind god, this is on account of the limited view of the commander caused by the location of his hatch between the large gun mounts.


The second model is a version of the Thor with a large gatling AA mount, to give the Germans some much needed support against attacks from the air.


Model number three is a Lynx APC with an anti-tank missile turret mounting eight ‘Mistel’ missiles (mistletoe – from the arrow that slew the god Baldur). Further reloads are carried in the hull where the infantry squad would normally sit.


SF15-301a – Thor Twin-gun Support Tank – £8.00
SF15-301b – Thor AA Tank – £8.00
SF15-303c – Lynx AT Missile Vehicle – £8.00

And in the background of the first photo, you may be able to spot one of next week’s new releases …