Slamming It

If you’re a 15mm SF gamer, you’re probably aware of the Hammer’s Slammers ‘Crucible’ ruleset, written by John Treadaway and John Lambshead. The rulebook itself is a very well produced hardback, chock full of photos of Kevin Dallimore’s superbly painted models – I’d recommend it as an eye candy purchase for any SF gamer, even if you weren’t necessarily going to play the rules.


You might also have noticed the ‘Approved for Hammer’s Slammers’ logos on one or two of our 15mm pages – this is because a number of our models have been co-opted into the HS universe as the officially suggested models for some of the mercenary groups in the game.


Our EuroFed vehicles are used for both the West Riding Yeomanry and the Compagnie de Barthe, while our Pacific Federation models serve as the Terran Authority Starmarines.

Yesterday I tried out the rules for the first time at our local club, Maidstone Wargames Society. Since it was our first run through we got a few bits wrong, but the core mechanisms of the rules were easy enough to pick up and gave us a fun game – we’ll certainly be playing them again. I’ve put a few photos of the game below. The Slammers’ vehicles are from Ainsty and the figures from GZG and Armies Army, but the other vehicles and the scenery are ours. If you look closely, you’ll might even spot a few unreleased goodies.

Stoke Rochford Weekend

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