Chocks Away !

There are an awful lot of cliches one can use when publishing anything related to the RAF !


So, as promised, today we’ve released the RAF airfield set in our 2mm buildings range. The set consists of twenty pieces altogether:

  • Six blister hangars
  • Seven Nissen huts (six single, one twin)
  • One control tower
  • One firing butt
  • Two pillboxes
  • Three squadron admin buildings

Based on buildings at various RAF Fighter Command bases, the set is ideal for anyone playing Battle of Britain games or even cold war missions. We’re pretty sure that it’ll find its way into various Aeronef or Land Ironclads VSF games as well as something called Dystopian Wars (we’re not absolutely sure what this is, we’ve heard that it’s some inferior, niche market version of Nef/LI 😉 ).

SSS-8031 – RAF Fighter Base – £7.50



Coming soon we have a T2 hangar which you can use to expand your airfield and cater for larger aircraft.

T2 Hangar-2