Get in Quick

Salute is a-coming, rather more quickly than we would like ! As always, we’re more than happy to take pre-orders, not quite up to the last minute but certainly until a few days before the show. However, one thing that won’t wait is any special orders for our Shapeways range of 3D printed models. We will be carrying stocks of all of the items that are on our website page, but anything else from the main Shapeways-hosted shop needs to be ordered in – and there are only a few days left to do so. So, if you would like a Pegasus or Horsa Bridge, any of our 6mm Normandy buildings range, a Vorpostenboot, some continental power pylons, even a 28mm bandstandwe need your orders by the end of Wednesday and no later ! And, having been burnt at a previous show by someone who ordered stacks of stuff and didn’t collect it, we will have to ask for a 20% deposit on it (you can pay the rest on the day).
UPDATE – it would help if I gave out a contact e-mail for orders !



Unpainted Vorpostenboot
Unpainted Vorpostenboot

It’s Been a While …

Ages, and ages (and ages) ago we previewed some masters of our Neo-Soviet SF vehicles in 15mm (here and here). Some of the prototypes even got as far as seeing action, but only glimpses of it. In fact it was two years ago (two years !) that we first showed these. This is a long time, even by our glacial standards, for something to reside in Development Hell.

But, what’s this ? Could it be …






We’re not quite there yet (the APCs are awaiting their metal hatches, and I forgot to cast up enough gatling secondary turrets for this photo !) but, so nearly …

Bizon. Kunitsa. Laska. Rosomakha. 15mm. April 12th, Salute 2014.

Chocks Away !

There are an awful lot of cliches one can use when publishing anything related to the RAF !


So, as promised, today we’ve released the RAF airfield set in our 2mm buildings range. The set consists of twenty pieces altogether:

  • Six blister hangars
  • Seven Nissen huts (six single, one twin)
  • One control tower
  • One firing butt
  • Two pillboxes
  • Three squadron admin buildings

Based on buildings at various RAF Fighter Command bases, the set is ideal for anyone playing Battle of Britain games or even cold war missions. We’re pretty sure that it’ll find its way into various Aeronef or Land Ironclads VSF games as well as something called Dystopian Wars (we’re not absolutely sure what this is, we’ve heard that it’s some inferior, niche market version of Nef/LI 😉 ).

SSS-8031 – RAF Fighter Base – £7.50



Coming soon we have a T2 hangar which you can use to expand your airfield and cater for larger aircraft.

T2 Hangar-2

New Rules and Salute Special Offer

This is a great time to be a 15mm SF gamer, there’s a plethora of great figures and there are also many excellent sets of rules to use them with. We already have one of these, Legionnaire Games’ Platoon Leader from their Strike Legion series, and for Salute we’ll be carrying not one, but two more. From Poland we’re extremely pleased to have a number of copies of Assault Publishing’s PMC 2640 rules, and if you want to see how these work, Marcin at AP has put up a free download with the core rule mechanisms for you to try.


And if that wasn’t enough, we’ll also be stocking Robin Fitton’s Gruntz ruleset which has gathered a lot of positive reviews and feedback (I think Robin ambushed me while drunk at Stoke Rochford!). You can read much more about Gruntz on Robin’s dedicated website.


Both sets of rules will retail at £20.00.

And so to a special offer at Salute; if you buy any set of 15mm rules (Gruntz, PMC 2640 or Platoon Leader), we’ll give you 10% off any 15mm vehicles or figures that you purchase at the same time, or if you buy any two of the three sets, we’ll make that 20% off any accompanying vehicles or figures. That’s a great chance to snap up a set (or two) of rules and save money on the models to play them with.

Tally Ho !

We’ve been concentrating a lot on our 15mm range recently, but we haven’t forgotten the other ranges. Next week we’ll be releasing a much anticipated set in our 2mm buildings range, and a move away from VSF-themed buildings. This is the WW2 RAF airfield set, complete with six blister hangars, Nissen huts, a control tower, firing butt and various admin buildings.



Release date is set for next Friday (March 14th) – Pico Armor should also have their first stocks by then for North American customers.

Turret Bunker Released


Today we’ve added a new model to the Fortifications section of the 15mm range (which immediately doubles the number of bunkers we have available !). This is a heavy bunker fitted with a tank turret to make a powerful strongpoint for any defence line.


Our vehicles are designed with standard turret rings of two diameters – 12mm for tanks and 7mm for APCs and light vehicles. This bunker will take any 12mm turret – so that means any turret from the German Thor tank, EuroFed Montsabert and Garibaldi or the PacFed Cougar. This gives nine turret options, and as the range increases we’ll add any new models to the list of options. Some of the photos below show turrets from the Neo-Soviet Bizon tank, which aren’t available yet but will (fingers crossed) finally be available soon.


B15-1002c – German Turret Bunker – £9.00
B15-1002d – EuroFed Turret Bunker – £9.00
B15-1002g – PacFed Turret Bunker – £9.00


We’ll be adding a smaller bunker with a fitting for smaller diameter turret rings so that you can also have fortifications with AA and missile turrets.

Fourth Base

In the Hammer’s Slammers:Crucible rules, infantry fight as squads; the whole squad is removed as a casualty rather than individual figures. This means that it’s easier to have your figures based by squads (well, fireteams really, 3-4 men or so) since it makes movement and measuring easier. However, most of my figures are on single bases (coins), since I like to be able to use them for other rulesets in which figures fight as individuals. I don’t want to lose this flexibility and start basing all of my figures on squad bases, but I can see the attraction and the ease of use of doing things this way. Essentially, I want to have my cake and eat it (and we do know a lot about cake here at Brigade Towers).


So, for our recent first game of HS, I put my thinking cap on and came up with the idea of sabot bases – in other words, squad bases with slots for my individually based figures. The basic one has holes for four figures, but I also made another with slots for three figures plus ones with bigger holes for heavy weapons teams. A couple of resin moulds later and I had a bunch of shiny bases. The figures, by the way, are GZG’s official Hammer’s Slammer figures (I don’t have any of ours painted and to hand !).


I even put in a little slot for a tiny magnet to make the figures even more secure. I picked up 500 magnets from eBay for a little over £5 – they aren’t fantastically strong, but they hold the figures upside down (although I wouldn’t shake them too much !).


Initially I only made these for my own amusement – they weren’t intended for sale. However, I put a few photos of the bases on TMP and the reaction was positive enough that we thought we’d put them on the website. After all, the moulds have been made so it won’t cost us any extra. The bases are 45mm square and come pre-textured with a generic ‘rough ground’ pattern, so all they need is paint and flock. The holes are 18mmØ for the small holes and 27mmØ for the larger ones – these conveniently fit a one eurocent coin and a UK 2p coin respectively, with a little bit of wiggle room, which is what I use for my figures (euro-cents for single figures, 2ps for larger models, heavy weapons or 2-man sniper teams).


SF15-901 – Four-man fire-team base – £0.75
SF15-902 – Three-man fire-team base – £0.75
SF15-903 – Heavy-weapon plus commander base – £0.75
SF15-904 – Heavy weapon base – £0.75

Mini Power

So, you know we mentioned how popular the 6mm power pylons are? Well, what about these even more miniature versions? They’re the latest addition to the 2mm scenery range on our Shapeways store. Ideal for 2mm/3mm scale ground battles or as targets/scenery for larger scale aircraft games – we use them with 1/600th scale aircraft.



Very reasonably priced at US $8.60 for 12 pylons from our Shapeways Store. Not on our website yet, but only a matter of time.

Review of the Fleet

One task we’re slowly but steadily working through is to improve the quality of the photos on the website so that all of our models are shown at their best. We have a large and steadily increasing range of 1100+ models so as you can imagine this is a time-consuming exercise. Although we’re doing much of this work ourselves (I like painting, so it’s hardly a chore), some of the painting has been done by various friends who have volunteered their services. One such is Robin Fitton, author of the Gruntz ruleset, talented brush-wielder and all-round good egg. He took on the Herculean task of painting and photographing the whole of our British Aeronef fleet, and has made a cracking job of it.


I’ve already inserted his photographs into the British pages on the website, but we feel that they’re deserving of a wider audience, so here’s a gallery of highlights. Robin has assembled and painted the models ‘as-is’, without any modifications or super-detailing (that will come later) so you can see what can be achieved with them out of the box.


There are 170 models in the Nef range already, with scope to expand, so I’m not sure Robin’s quite grasped the task he’s taken on ! However, he’s already working on the next fleet – we look forward to seeing that one as well.