Priest of the Devil

Every so often we get very lucky. This happened in the second half of last year when Zac Braham approached us with a design for a 15mm hover tank which he’d christened the ‘Shaman’. It was based around the concept of the American M551 Sheridan light tank (with which it shares a bit of a resemblance) as an inexpensive, lightweight tank which nevertheless carries significant firepower. Ideal for governments on a limited budget or mercenary units which don’t want to haul super-heavy battletanks across the galaxy.


As often happens in Brigade Towers, development has been on the slow side but we’re finally here, and the Shaman is ready to enter service as the first vehicle in our new Mercenary Brigade range. In addition, the turret fits our standard turret bunker so you also have the option of one fitted with the Shaman turret. These two join the Gallieni tank destroyer as releases this week.


SF15-1501 – Shaman hover tank – £8.00
B15-1002q – Mercenary Turret Bunker – £9.00


A 6mm version will follow in due course, and additional vehicles to accompany it to expand our Mercenary vehicle options.

And ‘Priest of the Devil’? The title of a C.17th illustration of a Siberian shaman by a Dutch explorer – it’s amazing what you can find on Wikipedia late at night…