Another fine display

If you remember, last year we went through a process of migrating all of our Celtos miniatures into new display cases (a process that took the best part of a week of evenings and occupied the dining room table for that period).

This year we’re doing the same thing to most of the other ranges. Our old but faithful home-made wooden display cases have been part of the stand since we began, but they’re due for a well-earned retirement.

SELWG 2012 stand

The last pair, holding the 6mm, Spaceship and Aeronef ranges have been put out to grass and replaced by yet more shiny acrylic display cases. This week I’ve been starting the process of rebasing all of the 6mm ranges onto small scenic bases. These are made from foam card with a bit of textured groundwork and some foliage and grass covering – simple but hopefully effective. The cases won’t be large enough to display every single model we make (there are around 1100 items in our catalogue now so displaying them all is just about impossible) but we should be able to fill them with a representative selection of all of our ranges.