Back to Normal

So, Salute is over for another year. The show was incredibly busy this time, it felt like there were people than last year and everyone seemed very upbeat. I’ve seen another trader saying that they had their second-best Salute ever, which we can agree with – ours was our third best, although only around 3-4% short of being the all-time best.

The downside of such a busy day is that we don’t get to see any of the great games on display, we’ve had to rely on the many galleries of images from the day to see what went on. I did manage to get a snap of the new stand layout on one of the few occasions when it wasn’t obscured by customers (unfortunately the lighting at the venue seemed to be quite dim so it’s a bit grainy), and Robin Fitton has posted a 3-minute video of the entire stand.


Much as we’d like to take it easy for a few days, there are still plenty of jobs to do. All of the new models at the show (and there were an awful lot of them) now need to be painted, photographed and added to the website, which will take a week or two. In the meantime I’ve packed and dispatched all of the orders that arrived in the week leading up to the show and which we’d had to put to one side, so apologies to everyone that had to wait a few extra days.

We’ll get going with the first of the new releases, ones which I already have painted, starting with the Large Tower from our 6mm Desert Buildings range.

B300-107 – Large Tower – £4.00

Also new on the website are the 15mm Firefly Combat Drones in packs of 12.

SF15-711 – Firefly Combat Drones (x12) – £2.00

Finally for today we have two new items in the 15mm Fortifications range – a multi-part checkpoint/roadblock complete with twin tri-barrel gatlings, and a radar-equipped command bunker.

B15-1003 – Checkpoint – £5.00
B15-1004 – Command Bunker – £8.00