The Goddess of the Hunt and Last Chances

This post title sounds like it should be a Celtos one, but in fact it refers to Artemis, the Greek deity, and also the name of the British MICV in our SF vehicle ranges. As part of the ongoing revamp of our 15mm range this is another one to have been remodelled, and it will be available at Salute as an early release – it won’t be on the website until several weeks afterwards – so if you want any, you’d better make sure you pick some up at the show unless you want to wait a bit.

On another note – originally we’d said that today would be the last chance to place your orders for Salute, however we’ve decided to extend this to the end of Sunday. Phil will be working the vulcaniser hard making moulds and I’ll be pouring rubber to make more resin items available. We’ll be previewing more new items over the weekend and publishing an updated release list for the day as new moulds appear.



SF15-103 – Artemis MICV – £8.00