Pass the Hydro-spanner

The future equivalent of the garden shed, these two differently-sized workshops are perfect for the mechanic of the future to fix his speeder-bike, store the lawnmower or (just as likely) hide from the wife.


What fills up most garden sheds ? Boxes, old jerricans, packing crates etc. So here we also have our newly released shed clutter vehicle stowage set. Six sprues of fuel cans, ammo boxes and weapon crates, ideal to make your vehicles look lived in, like they’ve spent the past six months crossing the plains of Delta Pavonis IV.


Sneaking in at the back end of this release we have some magnets which fit exactly in the little holes in our recently released 15mm fireteam bases.

B15-204 – Small Workshop – £5.00
B15-205 – Large Workshop – £6.00
SF15-905 – 3mm Magnets (x20) – £0.50
SF15-906 – Vehicle Stowage – £2.50

More to come next week, when we’ll finally have something for the 6mm gamers, who are probably fed up of their larger-scale brethren getting all the good stuff.