Raeside Utility Truck

A slightly later post this morning, I was waiting for these to come out of the mould! Another addition to our Salute line-up is the PacFed Raeside utility vehicle family. This small but nippy little grav vehicle comes in several types, included a pickup and an armed version with twin-MG or missile turret (the same turrets as the Minigwal recce vehicle – unfortunately I didn’t have any to hand when taking these photos).

The unarmed variants are also ideal as civilian or police vehicles.


Available at Salute on April 12th priced at £4.00 each.

SF15-712 – Raeside Utility Grav
SF15-712a – Raeside with stowage rack
SF15-712b – Raeside Pickup
SF15-712c – Raeside with MG Turret
SF15-712d – Raeside with missile turret