Today’s new release comes in the form of a 4-chimney late C.19th power station. The design is based on that of the Lots Road power station in Chelsea, although we’ve reduced the dimensions a bit to make it a more manageable size (for a 2mm building, it’s still pretty impressive). The main building is resin, with metal chimneys and a collection of sheds and workshops plus barges, cranes and a tug-boat to keep the station supplied with coal.


Have fun painting it, there are 300 or so windows …

SSS-8030 – Power Station – £7.50

As a rather sad footnote, I regretfully have to report that a snail was harmed during the creation of these photos … I inadvertently trod on one while taking these outside on the deck. The noise of a cracking snail shell is one of most ‘ick’ sounds around … 🙁