The Definition of Tedium

If you’ve been looking closely at some of our new vehicle previews and releases, you might have spotted that a few of them have crew figures in. All of our vehicles have been designed with separate hatches in anticipation of the day when we released our own crew figures. That day is coming ever closer – we’re looking at a release in a few weeks’ time.





The figures were commissioned as separate heads and bodies – five different torsos and three types of head gear. We cast these pieces, and then the heads need to be attached to the necks of the torsos to make the complete figures. Sounds simple, except there are three moulds (one per head gear type) and thirty figures in a mould – a total of ninety figures to be assembled. So one-hundred and eighty parts to be inspected, mould lines cleaned up, holes drilled in necks, heads glued in, and green stuff putty to fill any gaps. I’m doing them in batches of thirty, one mould at a time, I’m not sure I have the patience to do all ninety at once !




We’re currently aiming for a mid-June release, assuming I haven’t tired of gluing little heads on little necks by then !