Civilian Runabouts

This weekend just gone I ran a Hammers’ Slammers game at my club’s Open Day (more of the game in a later post).

To provide a bit of scenery and colour, I painted up some of our Raeside grav utility vehicles in civilian colours. I went for a pallette of industrial orange-yellows, since the vehicles were placed as part of the colony base. I started by assembling them as normal, then dressed them up with various stowage items – jerricans, crates, boxes, tool lockers etc. One even got a Soviet external fuel tank bolted to the back (I wasn’t sure if the superglued join would be strong enough, but it’s holding up so far !).

After a coat of grey car primer (which annoyingly went a bit grainy – it was a warm day), they were airbrushed in Tamiya paints – two in yellow with a touch of red added, the other in an orange shade I mixed up specially.


Then it was just down to brush painting the details – black skirts for one, black details for the other two, and various colours for the stowage items. Next was the infamous Army Painter Strong Tone dip – applied with a brush, I don’t go for dunking the model in the tin! Decals were applied on the still shiny dip, before a final airbrushed matt coat to flatten everything down. Decals came from various sources in my copious spares box – there are GW Tau and Imperial Guard markings, a few warning signs from a large Rafale aircraft kit and a number plate from a 1/76th German truck. What I really wanted was a decal that said ‘Survey’ for the orange one, but I couldn’t find anything suitable.

The end results are pretty effective and add nicely to the clutter on the table.


This week’s release is a much anticipated set of 15mm models, the German Woden series. There are three models, led by the Woden heavy tank. This is a turreted heavy battle tank armed with a Rheinmetall 15cm railgun, backed up by a tandem autocannon capable of high angle fire. A secondary turret carries a pair of gauss guns for anti-infantry defence.


The Helheim is a specialist urban combat vehicle. The twin gatlings can sweep any street clear of enemy infantry and make a mess of light armoured vehicles. It also carries a two pairs of Abrißbirne rockets. These unguided, short range weapons are designed to reduce buildings by passing through walls and detonating inside with a delayed fuse.


The Fenrir is a dedicated tank killer, with one of the largest guns of any armoured vehicle, carried in a fixed superstructure. As with the Woden, anti-infantry defence is provided by a twin-gauss secondary turret.


Also available is a set of white metal sideskirts that will fit any of the vehicles.


SF15-302 – Woden Heavy Tank – £11.00
SF15-302a – Helheim Urban Assault Tank – £11.00
SF15-302b – Fenrir Tank Destroyer – £11.00
SF15-302s – Woden Sideskirts – £2.50

To give you an idea of the size of the Wodens, here’s a comparison with a Shaman.


Mercenary Reinforcements

The Shaman hover tank is one of the more popular of our recent releases but at the moment it’s rather alone as the only available model in the Mercenary range. However, Zac and Kirk, designers of the Shaman, have come up with some new vehicles to accompany it which we’ll be steadily adding to the Mercs’ armoury.

First up is the Sohei heavy hover tank. It will be available with a choice of gun barrels including gatling, laser and conventional battle cannon.


Next is some transport for the infantry. This is the Magnus APC, a battle taxi type rather than an IFV, equipped with two remote light gun mounts.


For fire support there’s the Ontos, based on the Shaman but with a fixed casemate carrying a fearsome load of six plasma guns.


There are more, but that will do for now 🙂 . Production on these should start soon, so hopefully we’ll get the first of them released in short order.

New Desert Construction

As previewed (and painted) recently, there are three new items available today in our 6mm Desert Buildings range. The first, and largest, we’re calling the Repair Station, and it’s where the local colonists go to have their speeder bike or grav truck fixed when the hydro-exhaust blows a plasma gasket. The Munitions Bunker is used on military bases and airfields to store bombs, missiles and explosives and make them secure from theft or attack (and in the worst case, contain any internal explosion to minimise damage to surrounding structures). Similar bunkers are also used as accommodation on front line bases – although spartan, they are preferable to anything else when the shells are dropping. The final model is a slightly more primitive dwelling – lacking the roof dome with its climate control system, instead there is a roof terrace where the occupants can enjoy the cooler part of the day.


B300-125 – Repair Station – £2.25
B300-126 – Munitions Bunker – £1.00
B300-127 – Primitive Dwelling – £1.00

Pimp My Shaman

With the release of a number of add-on packs for our 15mm range recently, I thought I’d have some fun upgrading one of our vehicles with some of them. I chose a Shaman hover tank which I’d decided to paint up as part of an as-yet-unnamed Belgian mercenary unit that I’m planning to raise as and when we release more vehicles for the mercs.

I wanted to make a command vehicle so I replaced the remote gun mount with a Neo-Soviet sensor unit and fitted a pair of aerials to the turret roof. The sensor unit was just glued over the top of the mounting hole for the gun, while the aerials were attached to the flat of the turret roof – I drilled and pinned them for a bit of extra strength. The turret bin was filled up with a selection of stowage items – jerricans and a storage box – and a crewman in helmet was put in the open hatch. The last addition was one of our forthcoming pintel weapons, a 6-barrel gatling, although I cheated here and used a