Phil brought several new moulds to the workshop last week. One was the production mould for a new set of 2mm civic buildings, including a town hall, grammar school, hospital, library and large church. The mould looked good, the castings were excellent and we were really pleased…


Until we looked closely at the church tower. Unfortunately the sides were bowed in and concave on all four sides. We’re not sure if the master model has deformed under pressure or if the print was faulty and we didn’t notice, but it doesn’t really matter, it’s not up to scratch either way.


After some thought we’ve decided to release the set without the church rather than completely scrapping an expensive mould. We’ll get the church reprinted and make a new mould, which will also allow us to create several different variations of the tower. The church-less set will be available at the end of this week (I just need to paint some for photography) and the church later in the summer.


Civic Pride

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