Mercenary Reinforcements

The Shaman hover tank is one of the more popular of our recent releases but at the moment it’s rather alone as the only available model in the Mercenary range. However, Zac and Kirk, designers of the Shaman, have come up with some new vehicles to accompany it which we’ll be steadily adding to the Mercs’ armoury.

First up is the Sohei heavy hover tank. It will be available with a choice of gun barrels including gatling, laser and conventional battle cannon.


Next is some transport for the infantry. This is the Magnus APC, a battle taxi type rather than an IFV, equipped with two remote light gun mounts.


For fire support there’s the Ontos, based on the Shaman but with a fixed casemate carrying a fearsome load of six plasma guns.


There are more, but that will do for now 🙂 . Production on these should start soon, so hopefully we’ll get the first of them released in short order.