On the Shore

This week we have several new items in the Small Scale Scenery range. First up are the French coastal forts previewed a couple of weeks back.

French Forts

Forts Boyard, Louvois and Lupin are in the Charente-Maritime region on France’s western coast. Boyard and Louvois lie off the Ile d’Oleron, while Lupin sits on the coastline of the Charente estuary, guarding the approaches to Rochefort. These will be very useful to naval gamers, but also to Aeronef and Land Ironclads players. Fort Lupin is very representative of Vauban coastal forts of the C.17th, so could be used to stand in for a number of other similar fortifications.

We also have a couple of smaller, but still very useful items – a small generic lighthouse, and a Daymark (a daymark is a high tower used for navigation – often placed on promontories or points. Essentially a lighthouse without the light).


SSS-8027 – Small Lighthouse – £0.50
SSS-8028 – Daymark – £0.50
SSS-8038 – Fort Boyard – £4.00
SSS-8039 – Fort Louvois- £4.00
SSS-8040 – Fort Lupin – £4.00

Holiday Time !

[…] few posts for the period I’m away, and hopefully I’ll return with a few new ideas (the French coastal forts came from a book I picked up on holiday last year – so who knows what I’ll find this […]