New for Crisis

Last post before I go off to Crisis (in fact I’ve already left, this is a timed post !). We have a number of new items at the show in several ranges, which I’ll quickly summarise below.

Phil sprang a surprise on me this week by turning up with some new Belgian figures for the Great War range. We have kneeling NCOs and buglers for all of the infantry types, including ones wearing a side cap (some infantry units wore side caps instead of Shakos early in the war). These are so new that there are no photos, you’ll just have to come and find us tomorrow.

GW28-1140 – Infantry NCO in Shako – £1.50
GW28-1141 – Infantry NCO in Side Cap – £1.50
GW28-1142 – Carabinier NCO – £1.50
GW28-1143 – Grenadier NCO – £1.50
GW28-1144 – Infantry Bugler in Shako – £1.50
GW28-1145 – Infantry Bugler in Side Cap – £1.50
GW28-1146 – Carabinier Bugler – £1.50
GW28-1147 – Grenadier Bugler – £1.50

In 15mm we have the South African Buffel light APC and Hippo truck which have moved into full production and should be on the website early next week. The Buffel is available with the option of a hatch and pintel weapon, light MG turret or missile turret. Support and AA versions should be following shortly. We also have a few pre-production Angelshark VTOLs (literally just a couple left) if you would like to get one before the full release.


SF15-603 – Buffel Light APC – £8.00
SF15-608 – Hippo Heavy Truck – £8.50
SF15-704 – Angelshark VTOL – £8.00

You’ve already seen Bonn Station and the Atlantic Wall in 2mm, and these will all be available.

Bonn HBF

AW Release

SSS-8042 – Bonn Hauptbahnhof – £3.50
SSS-8043 – Atlantic Wall Set #1 – £6.00
SSS-8044 – Atlantic Wall Set #2 – £5.00
SSS-8045 – Grand Bunker – £0.50

Plus of course we have the new Aeronef released at the end of last week.


VAN-214 – Herring class Biplane Light Bomber (x6) – £1.25
VAN-417 – Ader class Monoplane Fighter (x6) – £1.25
VAN-513 – Oryol class Biplane Bomber (x3) – £1.00

See you tomorrow ! If you can’t make it, then any of these items that aren’t already on the website will be added in the next week or two.

Mur de l’Atlantique

Amid all the shows and continuous stocking up, Phil has still found time to produce some new moulds. Amongst the new items we’ll have at Crisis will be our 2mm Atlantic Wall models. These ended up being so numerous that we’ve split them into two full sets plus a single separate resin bunker.

AW Release

Set one contains larger artillery bunkers, some with separate guns. There is one M-262a Fire Direction bunker, four M-272 casemates with ex-destroyer turrets (as at the Longues-sur-Mer battery), four kettle emplacements with separate heavy artillery pieces, four H-669 casemates which would house conventional artillery pieces (as at the Merville battery) and three ammunition bunkers.


The second set consists of smaller Tobruk emplacements, anti-tank bunkers. etc. The Vf600-SK bunkers were sited on beach walls with the gun firing in enfilade down the beaches, but with an almost impervious concrete wall facing the sea. H-677 bunkers protected large 88mm anti-tank guns, while the smaller H-667 bunkers were equipped with 50mm guns. Tobruk bunkers (named after ones first developed by the Italians in Libya) were very numerous and could be equipped with a single machine gun, light mortar or a turret taken from a captured French light tank – several of our models have tiny FT-17 turrets. There is also a pair of larger AA bunkers which would both house personnel and also have a FlAK gun on the roof.


The largest model is the Grand Bunker (Der Grosse Bunker/Le Grand Bunker), used as an anti-aircraft control site but which dominated Sword Beach at Ouistreham.


SSS-8043 – Atlantic Wall #1 Artillery Bunkers – £6.00
SSS-8044 – Atlantic Wall #2 Small Bunkers – £5.00
SSS-8045 – Atlantic Wall Le Grand Bunker – £0.50

They aren’t on the website yet, look out for that early next week.

All Aboard !

Long, long ago, when Brigade started up, we made a selection of 6mm buildings as our first range. The very first building was a church, there were some townhouses, a bridge, small tower block etc, and we made destroyed or damaged versions of each one. The other day I came across some very old masters that never made it into the range, one of which was a model that had become something of a standing joke between Phil and I. For some reason I’d got it into my head to make a model of Bonn railway station, or Bonn Hauptbahnhof to give it the German name, a rather magnificient edifice built in 1844. It was a pretty detailed model and when Phil saw the first partly completed section he laughed derisively, declaring that a) I would never finish it and b) would be a nightmare to cast even if I did. He was of course correct on both counts – I never did finish it, but if I had the detailed stonework would have been a real headache to cast in resin without ending up with something shot through with air bubbles.

Ever since those days, the model has been part of Brigade folklore. However, with the advent of the Small Scale Scenery 2mm range and armed with this new-fangled 3D printing technology, I have made it my mission to finally bring the model to production in some form – and here it is, finally.


The sharp-eyed may have spotted it lurking in the background of some of the shots of the Stoke Rochford terrain, masquerading as Frampton Central Station. This version was very rapidly painted for the game, but still looks pretty sharp.



SSS-8042 – Bonn Station – £3.50

Stoke Rochford Action

I’ve been out in the garden this morning doing some resin casting in preparation for Crisis. There are some hazards involved in resin casting, and I can reveal that one lucky purchaser of a Shaman hovertank will be getting a free insectoid crew member, which unluckily (or stupidly) flew into the mould just as the resin was being poured. So now it’s forever set in there, just like the insects preserved in amber in Jurassic Park ! Don’t worry, you’d never know, it’s buried deep …

It’s also a bit nippy outside, I’m not sure where the predicted unseasonally warm weather is, but it isn’t in Kent ! So I’ve popped inside for a warming cuppa and thought I’d share some photos from the Stoke Rochford Aeronef game at the weekend. My contribution this time consisted of some coastal scenery to defend/invade/bomb using our 2mm scenery range. This was a lot of fun to build and I enjoyed putting it together. I’ll be writing a full ‘how I made it’ post later, but for now I thought I’d share a few photos of the day, before and after the combat commenced.

The game featured many finely painted Aeronef models (I would hazard a guess at 300+) of many nations, British, Italian, German, French, Danish, Austro-Hungarian and probably many more.

Another weekend of fun is planned for early next year, probably in February – stay tuned for more news.

Crisis Last Call

So it’s just a few days until Crisis. We’re still able to take pre-orders, you can place them up to the end of Wednesday and we’ll do our best to have them ready. Last year due to space restrictions we did not take individual stock of Aeronef, Spaceships or 6mm SF vehicles, and it will be a similar case this year. We should have a good selection of starter and army packs from each of these ranges, and we plan to have individual stock of the extremely popular British spaceships, but for anything else it would be best to get your orders to us in advance. We won’t be taking Land Ironclads or Iron Stars at all, historically they don’t sell well at Crisis, so again if you would like anything from those ranges then you’ll need to order in advance.


We will be carrying full stocks, both individual models and packs, of our 15mm SF range, Celtos, the 2mm buildings, Magpie Miniatures, Great War Belgians and a good selection of dice and bases from the accessories range. We’ll also have our ranges of SF buildings in both 6mm and 15mm, plus everything we have left in our range of Shapeways 3D printed items (if you saw my post a while back about the very significant increase in Shapeways’ prices, you’ll realise that we won’t be getting new stocks of many of these items, so get them while you can). Having said all of that, I have a slightly larger car than last year so it might be possible to squeeze in more stock, in which case I’ll try and bring as much as possible.

Now we haven’t had quite so many new releases lately due to the show schedule, but there are a number of new bits and pieces that should be ready for Saturday. In 15mm we will have the South African Hippo truck and Buffel light APC, and as at SELWG I’m hoping to have a small number of Angelshark VTOLs. There will be several new sets in our Small Scale Scenery range, which we’ll preview later in the week – I just need to paint some samples (you can see one of them below). We will have the new Aeronef releases from last week, and maybe one or two more. We may not have huge stocks and we won’t take pre-orders on these new items, so get there early if you want to snap some up.

Bonn HBF

We will be unable to take credit cards at Crisis – our credit card reader only works in the UK, so it’s cash sales only (or if you have a mobile phone that allows you to do so, you can transfer money by PayPal).


New Nef News

It’s been quite a long time since we released any new Aeronef models. The Charlemagne resculpt is due later this year, but in the meantime we have a few models that have been on the back burner for a while and have finally reached the front of the mould-making queue. These are all of the fixed wing variety, and we’ve pushed them out in time for the Stoke Rochford Aeronef weekend which starts today. I’ve taken the opportunity to photograph them on some of the terrain we’ll be using in the game over the weekend.

The US get the Herring class biplane Light Bomber, which I’ve painted up in the very colourful blue/yellow between-the-wars scheme used by the US (not quite Aeronef period, but it looks good 🙂 ).


For the French, we have the sleek Ader monoplane fighter.


And finally, the Russian Empire gets the Oryol heavy bomber, used in the strategic bombing of Northern England during the invasion of 1899.


VAN-214 – Herring class Biplane Light Bomber (x6) – £1.25
VAN-417 – Ader class Monoplane Fighter (x6) – £1.25
VAN-513 – Oryol class Biplane Bomber (x3) – £1.00

Fishing for Stats

A quick note to say that I’ve finally got round to uploading Starmada X stats for the Fisher class dreadnought in its various derivations to the Brigade website. Click on the Starmada logo to go to the relevant page.



15mm Légion Étrangère

Another model making the move from 6mm to 15mm is the Catroux, wheeled APC of choice of the EuroFed Légion Étrangère. I’ve just completed the 3D modelling on the hull, wheels and the remote weapon system mount which you can see below. I might still do a bit of tweaking and add more details (in writing this post I’ve spotted a couple of changes I’d like to make). I’ve tried to retain the same detailing and style as existing EuroFed vehicles so the national resemblance is clear. Like its 6mm counterpart, it will be available with a number of other turrets from the Tassigny APC – MICV cannon turret, missile, and AA will all be available immediately, with a command variant and possibly engineering and ambulance later.

We’re hoping to release it later this year – we have already ordered prints for the wheels and the remote gun so that they can be cast in metal ahead of the resin hull.

Catroux CGI

Catroux CGI-2

Catroux CGI-3

Catroux Prints

No-new Release Friday

I’m afraid that the current sequence of shows has thrown our carefully crafted release schedule into a bit of a tail spin, and once again this week’s planned new items aren’t quite ready.

However, a package arrived from the 3D printers this morning, which is always exciting, so instead of something you can buy this week, I thought I’d show off some of the items you can buy in a few weeks (much shorter in some cases). So, with the usual apologies about the difficulty of photographing translucent white plastic, here we go…

First up, a follow on from the post earlier this week on the new Charlemagne battlecruisers – here they are in all their blurry, washed-out glory. The sharp-eyed will spot that one of the hulls has already lost a gun barrel, which are a bit fragile, and I’ll have to replace it before they go in a mould.

Charlemagne Prints

Next we’re onto 15mm items. This is the hull for the Buffel APC previewed a week or two back, the first print was flawed (= I cocked up) so this is the replacement. It’s carrying a support weapon turret which will be available as an option and also fits the Wildebeest. Sorry, this really isn’t a great photo but trust me, it looks good in the plastic. The Buffel and Hippo will be available very soon, they would already be out had I not sent the wrong hull model to the printers first time round.

Buffel Print

This little piece is a 15mm heavy weapons tripod, designed to carry the range of pintle weapons we came out with recently – the sample is posed with a tribarrel gatling. And before anyone asks the obvious question – yes, they will come with crew (in fact Martin is sculpting them as I type).

Heavy Weapon Tripod Prints

Lastly, some new spaceships. The British fleet has been selling as fast as we can churn them out, and we thought it was about time for an addition to the fleet. This is the Swiftsure pursuit cruiser (left), next to a Halifax light cruiser hull.

Swiftsure Prints

Last, but by no means least, as with the older Aeronef models we’re going to be doing a slow rolling replacement of worn out spaceship moulds with remastered models. This is the CDSI Shanzi class fighter carrier (minus the lower hull, which is going to be a resin piece) – the deck is two part but the join should be neatly hidden under the new, extended bridge section.

Shanzi Print

Jeune École

Some of our models have been around for a while … well, we are 26 years old as a company. Some of the older moulds are wearing out, and need replacing, so as a slow but ongoing process we’re going to take some of our more venerable models and resculpt them before making new moulds. One of the first of these is the French Charlemagne battlecruiser in the Aeronef range. This has code number VAN-401 – in other words, it was the first French Aeronef ever produced.

I’ve redesigned it with a slight tumblehome hull but it’s still recognisable as the same ship. Through the wonders of digital technology I’ve created three variants of the hull and three different superstructures with varying armaments. In theory all of these should be interchangeable, so it will be possible to create nine slightly different models.




We’re hoping for a release later this year.