Crisis Last Call

So it’s just a few days until Crisis. We’re still able to take pre-orders, you can place them up to the end of Wednesday and we’ll do our best to have them ready. Last year due to space restrictions we did not take individual stock of Aeronef, Spaceships or 6mm SF vehicles, and it will be a similar case this year. We should have a good selection of starter and army packs from each of these ranges, and we plan to have individual stock of the extremely popular British spaceships, but for anything else it would be best to get your orders to us in advance. We won’t be taking Land Ironclads or Iron Stars at all, historically they don’t sell well at Crisis, so again if you would like anything from those ranges then you’ll need to order in advance.


We will be carrying full stocks, both individual models and packs, of our 15mm SF range, Celtos, the 2mm buildings, Magpie Miniatures, Great War Belgians and a good selection of dice and bases from the accessories range. We’ll also have our ranges of SF buildings in both 6mm and 15mm, plus everything we have left in our range of Shapeways 3D printed items (if you saw my post a while back about the very significant increase in Shapeways’ prices, you’ll realise that we won’t be getting new stocks of many of these items, so get them while you can). Having said all of that, I have a slightly larger car than last year so it might be possible to squeeze in more stock, in which case I’ll try and bring as much as possible.

Now we haven’t had quite so many new releases lately due to the show schedule, but there are a number of new bits and pieces that should be ready for Saturday. In 15mm we will have the South African Hippo truck and Buffel light APC, and as at SELWG I’m hoping to have a small number of Angelshark VTOLs. There will be several new sets in our Small Scale Scenery range, which we’ll preview later in the week – I just need to paint some samples (you can see one of them below). We will have the new Aeronef releases from last week, and maybe one or two more. We may not have huge stocks and we won’t take pre-orders on these new items, so get there early if you want to snap some up.

Bonn HBF

We will be unable to take credit cards at Crisis – our credit card reader only works in the UK, so it’s cash sales only (or if you have a mobile phone that allows you to do so, you can transfer money by PayPal).