More Shows

Right, that’s the first half of our little burst of shows out of the way. This coming weekend we have a break before the second pair of shows.

On Saturday 25th of October I will be flying solo at Stoke Rochford Hall for the Aeronef weekend. Unfortunately for family reasons I can’t stay for the whole event, but I will be there gaming all day Saturday. I’ll be taking a very cut down stand with Aeronef, Land Ironclads, the 2mm buildings range and 15mm SF (last time there was also some Gruntz gaming going on). As always, if you would like me to bring anything else from other ranges then just let us know in advance and we’ll sort it out for you.


The final leg of our show odyssey is our last event of the year and also the furthest. On November 1st we’ll be cramming as much stock as we can into my car and travelling under the channel to Crisis 2014 in Antwerp. As last year, we will be bringing fleet, army and unit packs for Aeronef, Land Ironclads, Spaceships (except the new British and Indonesians, for which we’ll try to bring everything), Squadron Commander and 6mm SF, but not individual stock. We will have full stock for Celtos, 15mm, 2mm buildings and the WW1 Belgians. If you require any individual models from these ranges then, as always, let us know in advance and we’ll bring them along for you.