Mountain and River


We have two new releases for you today in the spaceships range. The first is a re-mastered CDSU Shanzi (Mountain) class super-carrier. This replaces the old (very old, almost 20-years-old) master which was due an honourable retirement. The new model has a resin main hull with metal deck and other fittings. Compare the photo above of the new model with the old one below – we hope you’ll agree that this new version is a much improved sculpt, while still retaining the same overall design.


The second new model, the German Maas destroyer leader (seen escorting the Shanzi above), is a master that’s been kicking around for a while but which we’ve finally got into a mould. The Mass-class vessels are assigned one or two per flotilla to provide long-range firepower.

SFS-510 – Shanzi class Carrier – £9.00
SFS-331 – Mass class Destroyer Leader – £1.75