Alien Infantry

EU Release

As mankind expanded beyond the solar system, if other civilisations were out there then one day we were going to make contact. Inevitably, given the vastness of the galaxy, it turned out that we weren’t alone after all. One of the first races encountered, the Yenpalo, are an aggressive, vaguely reptilian humanoid species. A number of combats have occurred between Yenpalo spaceships and human fleets around disputed systems, but ground combats have so far been fewer and confined to small-scale skirmishes. Reports of these actions speak of fully-armoured troops equipped with energy weapons and some form of personal particle shielding that seems to be effective against normal slug-throwing weapons.

The infantry set has ten figures – two five-man (alien?) sections, each with one squad leader, two riflealiens, a support weapon and a close combat specialist with pistol and energy shield. The support weapons pack has a shoulder launched anti-tank weapon, three assorted heavy weapons and another shielded figure.

The shields are printed on clear plastic. They need to be cut out and stuck on with clear glue after the figures are painted.

SF15-1101 – Yenpalo Infantry Squad – £3.75
SF15-1103 – Yenpalo Support Weapons – £2.00

These figures were formally part of the Armies Army range as the ‘Enemy Unknown’.