Penal Servitude


In the Gulags of Eastern Russia and the Laogai of central China, one option for lifers is to serve in a Penal battalion with the promise of early release, rather than rot in jail. Survive 3 months of suicidal combat missions and gain your freedom (or so the NKVD recruiters will tell you – the likely reality is transfer to a mine-clearing unit if you show signs of making it to the end of your term). The odds are stacked against you – brightly coloured uniforms to draw attention away from the real troops, low power and poor quality weapons and an explosive collar, just in case you feel like straying from your assigned mission.

To represent these poor souls, this pack of Penal Troopers has five unique sculpts in prison-issue boiler suits wearing explosive collars. Four have short-barreled weapons while one has a support weapon.


SF15-009 – Penal Troopers (x5) – £2.00

These are the first former Armies Army figures to make it to our website. We’ll be adding them all as fast as we can commision the moulds and get them painted and photographed.

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