China Crisis

Yet more 15mm figures today (we’re adding them to the website as fast as I can paint them !).


These are Chinese (CDSU) troopers in helmets with enhanced night vision goggles (ENVG). The rifle squad consists of two four-man fireteams with rifles. The PLA (People’s Liberation Army) doesn’t have squad-level support troopers – instead, each team has a remote support drone with a gatling automatic weapon for heavy firepower.

Separate support squads are equipped with heavy automatic weapons and missile launchers – our pack has three of the former and two of the latter.

More Chinese infantry packs are to follow with headquarters and heavy support weapons.

SF15-560 – PLA Rifle Squad (pack of 10) – £3.75
SF15-561 – PLA Support Weapons (pack of 5) – £2.00

These figures were formerly part of the Armies Army PLA range.