Firefly and Wolf

This is the Shaman Firefly. The medium laser in the original Shaman has been replaced by a long-barrelled 22cm discarding sabot gun, with storage for the ammunition in the extended turret bustle. The roof-mounted support weapon has given way to additional sensors and a targeting system is fitted to the turret front.


Fireflies are in short supply and are generally spread individually amongst conventional Shaman units to provide extended range fire support.

If using the Firefly in Hammer’s Slammers:The Crucible, the vehicle has the same basic stats as the Shaman, but the 17cm laser is replaced by the same DS gun as the Sohei Tank Destroyer variant (Sh 1 FP 2/7) and the tank has no remote-turret HSW. I’d estimate points at around 125, but that’s not official!

The Shaman Turret also becomes a further option for the Turret Bunker.


The Rosomakha (wolf) is a multi-purpose Neo-Soviet light tank, fitted with a tri-barrel gatling autocannon or a heavier conventional main gun. In heavy armoured divisions they are used in a scout role alongside Laska tankettes to give extra punch to reconnaissance companies. Fast brigades on the other hand use them as their primary battle tank, having battalions formed entirely of Rosomakhi with a mix of gatling and cannons.


SF15-1204 – Rosomakha – £6.00
SF15-1501a – Shaman Firefly – £8.00