More British Infantry Options

Our British infantry now have both command and support weapon packs available to go with the infantry released recently.


The command pack has five figures plus a small uplink radar, while the support weapons pack has GPMG, grenade launcher, sniper and a two-man anti-tank launcher team.


With these we’re now able to offer platoon packs – as with the Poles, we’ve added the options for a 24-man platoon with or without APCs.


SF15-161 – British Support Weapons – £2.00
SF15-162 – British Command Section – £2.25
SF15-170 – British Rifle Platoon – £8.50
SF15-171 – British Mechanised Platoon – £30.00

We are left with this splendid little chap – we’ll call him The Brigadier. I believe Keith gave him away as a reward during the Kickstarter campaign. The obvious thing would be to bundle him in the command pack, but he’s in the wrong mould for that and to do so would unnecessarily complicate production. So while we decide where he fits, we’re going to give him away as a freebie with any orders for 15mm British figures. This will run at least until the end of July, then we’ll rethink.


And while I was at it, I’ve given the PacFed the option of a 24-man armoured platoon plus three APCs as well. Just because I can.
SF15-771 – PacFed Mechanised Platoon – £30.00


The British figures were formerly part of the Armies Army Commonwealth range.