Pole Position

Poland has had a fraught time since the creation of the modern state (the Second Republic) at the end of the Great War. Acting as a buffer zone between Germany and the Soviet Union/Russia, it was invaded by both countries at the same time in 1939. It spent then the next fifty years either occupied or as a satellite communist state before gaining proper independence in 1989. Looking into the future, in the Iron Cow universe in which our science-fiction ranges are set, Poland still retains its border status between Germany and the rest of the Organisation of North European Sovereign States (ONESS) to the west, and the Neo-Soviet Union to the east.


Polish troops are forever on their guard and fight constant skirmishes with Soviet forces along the border. Some of these break out into larger battles but attract little attention in the rest of the world, such is their frequency. Beyond the odd abandoned border town changing hands, often several times, nothing much upsets the status quo. The Poles know that they are nowhere near strong enough to take the fight to the Soviets, who for their part are well aware that any escalation in the intensity of the conflict will bring the forces of Britain, Germany and the other ONESS states into action.


Appreciative of the role played by the Poles, Britain and Germany keep their armed forces well supplied and also provide weapons and technology. The main Polish tank, the Maczek, is a combination of the German Thor blower tank chassis with a Polish designed turret mounting the British L23 9.5cm railgun from the Apollo. Likewise, the Suwalski half-track APCs on which the infantry rely, while Polish-designed with indigenous engines and drive-train, mostly mount German-supplied turrets from the Lynx APC family. One or two Polish heavy armoured units have also been equipped with the Woden family of super-heavy blowers to tackle Soviet Mammont tanks.

We have a number of Polish infantry packs covering infantry, support weapons and heavy weapons. There is also an infantry platoon pack of 25 men and a second pack that includes three APCs along with the figures.


SF15-1301 – Maczek Hover Tank – £8.00
PP15-1301 – Maczek Platoon Pack- £23.00
SF15-1360 – Infantry Section (x6) – £2.25
SF15-1361 – Command Section (x7) – £2.75
SF15-1362 – LMG Gunners (x6) – £2.25
SF15-1363 – RPG Gunners (x6) – £2.25
SF15-1364 – HMG and Crew (x2) – £2.25
SF15-1365 – Light AT Weapon and Crew (x2) – £2.25
SF15-1370 – Infantry Platoon (x24) – £8.50
SF15-1371 – Mech Infantry Platoon with APCs – £30.00

The Polish figures were formerly part of the Armies Army range as the Russian Empire.