Sentry Weapons

We have something a bit different today. These are EuroFed remote weapons mounts, fixed autonomous systems that can be set up and left to rely on their AI to select and engage targets (although the AI isn’t always as discriminating between friend and foe as it should be …). Perfect for defending a perimeter, they’re often used by rapid reaction forces to create a defensive line when air-dropped or orbitally inserted. Four variations exists – a twin-MG, 5-barrel gatling, twin AT missile or 9-tube salvo missile.


They are known as Asterie (starfish) in the EuroFed forces because of their five-legged base, with the larger salvo missile version known as the Oursin de Feu (Fire Urchin) after the spined sea creature.

SF15-413 – Asterie Gun Mount – £1.25
SF15-413a – Asterie Gatling Mount – £1.25
SF15-413b – Asterie Missile Mount – £1.25
SF15-413c – Oursin Salvo Missile Launcher – £1.50