What Have The Romans Ever Done For Us?

Well in this case … the theatre ? Gladiators ? Somewhere to live … ?

So far, most of the releases in our Small Scale Scenery range have been targeted at the latter part of the 19th century as support to our Aeronef and Land Ironclads ranges. We’ve had the odd venture into the 20th century with some WW2 products, and a couple of medieval castles, but that’s been it.

Today, we’re going back further into history with the release of our first ancient-era models. Starting with the basics, we have a collection of Roman buildings – houses, apartments (insulae), villas and other bits and pieces.


To keep the residents of these houses entertained, we have two options – a semi-circular theatre, and a full-sized amphitheatre, which is the largest model in our 2mm range (so far). The theatre is a fairly generic model which would fit in any medium-sized Roman town. The amphitheatre is based on the one in Arles, France, which is still in use today as a concert venue.

SSS-8057 – Roman Buildings – £7.50
SSS-8058 – Roman Theatre – £2.50
SSS-8059 – Amphitheatre – £10.00

There are at least two more models to follow these – but we had a couple of mould glitches (and one damaged master), so these will follow at a later date.