Small Temples of Gods

Part two of the Roman Buildings in our Small Scale Scenery range have landed today. These were delayed slightly by some mould issues, but these have now been resolved (ie the moulds were remade!).


All three are temples of varying sizes. Starting with the smallest, on the right we have the Temple of Vesta, or at least a guess at what it might have looked like back when it was still standing. The ruins that are in Rome nowadays were reconstructed during Mussolini’s reign before WW2, so they aren’t particularly reliable as a guide. Here is where one might have met a Vestal Virgin, back in the day…

The largest model is the Pantheon, Hadrian’s masterpiece in Rome with its massive concrete stepped-dome roof, built on the ruins of Marcus Agrippa’s earlier building.


The final model is a more generic temple which I did base on a real-world prototype but for the life of me I can’t remember where this was (somewhere in France is the best I can do). But it matters not, since this one is typical enough to be found anywhere in the Empire of Rome.

On the assumption that these go as quickly as the previous Roman models did, we’re planning to turn out yet more buildings for the glory of the Roman Empire. How about a Circus? Add some 2mm scale chariots and you’d be able to make the perfect travel Ben Hur gaming set… 🙂

SSS-8060 – The Pantheon – £6.00
SSS-8061 – Temple – £2.00
SSS-8062 – Temple of Vesta – £0.50

Apologies to the memory of Terry Pratchett for mangling one of his books for the title of this post, although I’d like to think he’d have seen the funny side of it…

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