Imperial Skies Kickstarter

My recent trip to Antwerp for Crisis was spent in the very good company of Robin Fitton, author of the Gruntz 15mm ruleset (and several others in development). Robin was demonstrating his latest magnum opus, Imperial Skies, to all and sundry, and garnered a lot of interest.


Imperial Skies is a set of rules for Steampunk/VSF flying craft ranging in size from small fighter aircraft to battleships, with a timeline that extends into WWI. Each ship has a detailed profile with multiple weapon types including torpedoes and three categories of gun, and stats for speed, turning and defence.


Robin has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the rules into production, and we’re participating in this by offering fleet packs of Aeronef miniatures as add-ons. In addition, we’re committing to produce several new battleship models as stretch goals if the funding reaches sufficiently high levels. The top-most stretch goal is a whole new fleet, the Spanish Ejercito de Ciel.

The Kickstarter runs until December 22nd, with a projected ship date of April next year – the intention, if everything goes to schedule, is fulfil all pledges by Salute, and then have printed copies of the rules on the stand at the show. From our point of view, since the fleet packs are made up of existing models there should be no issues shipping those, with just the new models (assuming we get that far) to be designed, printed and moulded. We have a bit of experience with this process, so hopefully it should all run smoothly.

We’ll try to keep you up to date with the progress of the Kickstarter, and if any of the stretch goals are achieved then I guess we’d better start thinking about these new models!