Sickness has struck Brigade Towers, with extremely poor timing as we’re in the middle of the Christmas rush. The poor Brigadieress has had the worst of it, but this week it’s finally got to me and I’ve been completely out of action since Monday. This has inevitably affected our attempts to get on with the sale orders, and we’re a long way behind where we wanted to be. So we must apologise to several people who enquired after their orders last week and were told that they’d ship by the end of this week – I’m afraid they haven’t. And anyone who’s emailed with queries, again we apologise for not getting back to you sooner. This is one of the unfortunate side-effects of being for the most part a one-man band – when sickness strikes, there’s no-one to cover for you. We will do our best to get as many orders out of the door as we can next week, as things stand we should be able to clear everything with just about enough leeway to allow for any additional orders that arrive before the end of the sale (which is just five days away, in case you’d forgotten…).

Since we have obviously prioritised the clearing of orders, what we’ve unfortunately lost is a lot of time that we were planning to use to design some new models. I had this grand idea of having at least two or even three month’s worth of new releases stashed away for the new year, but that’s not to be. However, we do have some bits ready – a large box of 3D prints arrived on Tuesday, and when I finally get it open I should be able to share some of the new items we have lined up for the start of 2016.