New Polish Half-Tracks

Today’s new release is three new Suwalska half-track variants for our 15mm Polish force.

Two are fire-support variants with a heavier gun in a fixed superstructure. The ‘Młot’ model has a short barrelled howitzer, mainly used in support of infantry and ideal for taking out entrenched enemy with its potent HE round.


The ‘Łucznik’ model has a high-velocity light anti-tank gun. This is ideal for taking on light armoured vehicles such as APCs or armoured cars, although it’s not capable of handling main battle tanks.

The third new model is an armoured command vehicle, the ‘Hetman’, with a small twin-MG turret for self-defence, and a radar dish capable of communicating with orbiting command satellites.


All three variants are on our website now.
SF15-1303f – Suwalska ‘Hetman’ Command Vehicle – £8.00
SF15-1303g – Suwalska ‘Łucznik’ Anti-Tank – £8.00
SF15-1303h – Suwalski ‘Młot’ Fire-Support – £8.00

The variant names have been updated post-release thanks to some very helpful feedback from TMP members Kadrinazi and Awuuuu. Never rely on online translations for unfamiliar languages…