The End of the Tunnel


Finally, we’re there – after a fortnight of hard slog, late evenings and lots and lots of casting, we’ve finally cleared the order backlog (and just in time too, as the weather has turned rather chilly).

Apart from a couple of orders that need special cast-to-order resin items, and two orders that arrived this afternoon after I’d left the workshop, every outstanding order has been cleared. Around twenty or so went in the post box just now, and I have around ten large boxes that need to be taken to a post office in the morning. What a relief for us, and good news for those of you that have been sitting patiently waiting for your orders – we very much appreciate everyone’s understanding.

So next week I can finally get back to working on new items. We have several bits already moulded and ready to go – eagle-eyed readers of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy might even have spotted a new model of ours in their review column that hasn’t yet made it to the website.

I’ll also be starting on the 3D design work for the four new battleship models that were unlocked as part of the Imperial Skies Kickstarter, and I’ll be posting work-in-progress images of those as I go along.