Not Everything Always Goes to Plan !

Today I was supposed to be posting about more Salute releases – some merchant spaceships, to be precise. We think the masters looked lovely (see below to decide for yourselves).



Sadly the mould didn’t play ball :-(. This happens sometimes – we can get castings out of the mould, but they aren’t as good as we would like so we don’t think we can sell them as they are. There’s no time now to try again (the masters don’t always survive the mould-making process, and one or two of these will need a slight redesign anyway) so sadly we won’t have them on Saturday. However, I don’t intend on wasting any time and will be trying to get them remade and released within a few weeks.

There is still some more Salute new release news to come later in the week, so keep watching this blog.

Now I do have a very important reminder – you now have slightly less than two days to get in any last-minute pre-orders for the show. I’ll be doing the last casting for Salute on Wednesday, so I need any final show orders (whether pre-paid or pay-on-the-day) by the end of Tuesday at the latest so I can plan my casting for the next day.

And last of all … here are some painted tanks ! Three Henschel beasties, all ready for their Army Painter dip. Two for gaming and one for the display stand on Saturday.