The Warehouse Project

As promised, today we have more previews of Salute releases. But first, a brief tale about why this isn’t what we originally planned….

I’ve been planning to come up with some dockyard models to add to the Small Scale Scenery range, based around Chatham Dockyard at the turn of the 20th century. My intention, which I have mentioned to several people, was to have these ready for Salute this year. However, when I started to work on it, I realised that it was going to be a larger project than I had envisaged, and would need rather more time and research, more than I had available. So the long and the short of it is that you won’t be getting the dockyard on the 16th.

Instead, you’ll get these fine (and rather useful) Victorian industrial buildings – a large warehouse with central office building, a textile mill and a set of three dockside warehouses. Perfect for any number of uses, including modelling the East End for Battle of Britain raids on London.


Initially I was going to post photos of the masters, but I’ve already managed to get them in moulds so what we have here are the resin production castings (albeit very early ones, please excuse any air bubbles).


So the Salute release list has now grown to this:

15mm SF
SF15-311 – Henschel Laser Tank – £10.00
SF15-416 – Oto Melara Single Autocannon – £5.00
SF15-416a – Oto Melara Quad Autocannon -£5.00

Small Scale Scenery
SSS-8069 – Victorian Warehouse – £4.00
SSS-8070 – Textile Mill – £2.50
SSS-8071 – Dockside Warehouses (x3) – £2.50

Now if you bothered to read this far, I will show you what I have done for the Chatham Dockyard project; this photo shows castings of the oddly shaped No.3 slip building, and a second more conventional slip building that represents the near-identical No.4,5 and 6 slips. But that still leaves a lot of work to be done on No.7 slip plus the huge storehouses, ropery and many peripheral buildings like the sawmill, pumphouses etc.