As Robin beavers away to finish the Imperial Skies rules, we’ve been casting up the models for all of the pledges. We’re probably 3/4 of the way through the fleet packs, and there are boxes and boxes of castings in the workshop waiting to be sorted into fleets and shipped out as soon as the rulebooks arrive.

We’ve finished the production moulds for the stretch goal battleships and are casting those too – again I’ve done around 75% of the resin hulls for the Vanguard, Kaiser and Gaulois.

Today I spent a little while assembling samples of each of the new models, getting them ready for painting (which will hopefully happen next week). We haven’t yet been able to show fully assembled versions, so I thought this was the ideal opportunity. The photos aren’t wonderful (photographing something that’s bright white isn’t easy) but you can see the details if you squint a bit, and of course we’ll show more pictures as and when they’re painted.