Delicate Imbalance

Upset tummies and reactions to strange food/water are a common experience of Brits abroad. Not me. I’ve managed to contract a stomach bug immediately on my return to dear old blighty! I got through the Joy of Six on tablets and water, and since the weekend just haven’t been right – not bad enough to just retire to bed and close the door, but definitely only running at half rat power. Unfortunately this once again coincides with an order backlog caused by my holiday, and hasn’t been helped by the two hottest days of the summer so far. I went to the workshop Monday and cleared a few orders, and in anticipation of cooler temperatures I’m hoping to get there tomorrow as well. I spent today and yesterday hiding in the shade trying to get the Brigade accounts ported to a new software package, which wasn’t the greatest cure!


But all this waffle is just another way of preparing those of you with outstanding orders for a slight delay, so apologies in advance if your order takes a few extra days. It’s frustrating because it’s preventing me from getting on with other projects as well, but we always treat orders as the highest priority so the next batch of new releases will just have to wait a few days.