Imperial Upgrade #3 – Russian Behemoths

I’ve been planning some new Russian Aeronef capital ships for a while – we rolled them into the Imperial Skies Kickstarter as a stretch goal, but the total didn’t quite get that far. However, since I had the idea for them in my head, I’ve gone ahead and made them anyway. There are three vessels altogether – a light battleship/battlecruiser, a battleship and a dreadnought. Each will have a resin hull, and will share a standard metal pair of funnels and heavy turrets – as you can see, we’ve already cast the metal parts.


The middle ship of the three, the battleship, is based on the existing Borodino and will replace the old model. It’s pretty much the same design, just a better version with more detail. All that remains to be done is to clean up the hulls (rubbing down print lines etc) and make the resin moulds, so we’ll have them done in time so that anyone who has ordered a Russian fleet pack as part of their pledge will get these new models instead of the older ones. As with the Japanese cruisers, they’ll then go on general release.

Sheds and Widgets

We’re currently finishing off the last bits of casting for the Imperial Skies pledges this week, along with casting up the several hundreds of buildings required for our part in the Age of Tyrants Kickstarter project – and all this alongside our normal daily orders from the website. In between we’ve still managed a new release this week, this time in 15mm.

The first item is a small outbuilding for our Advanced Buildings range – useful as a shed, utility hut, storage facility etc.


The second item is a set of five useful ‘widgets’ (we couldn’t think of a better name) in the Desert Buildings range. There’s a control console, a unit with two A/C fans, a conical beacon thingy and a couple of other useful bits. All great for adding an extra level of detail to your buildings.


B15-210 – Small Utility Building – £4.00
B15-139 – Building Detail Widgets – £3.00

Imperial Upgrade #2 – A Masty Business

The Imperial Skies Kickstarter requires us to cast well over 1000 Aeronef. Almost all of these have our standard masts, which have been around since the very first Aeronef releases. The mast production mould is one of the oldest we have, and is showing some signs of age and wear – we generally only get 10-12 decent castings per spin of the mould nowadays. So when we were looking at the amount of work required, one obvious thing to do was replace the mast mould with a more efficient one. Since we were making a new mould, we also decided to do it properly and remastered the masts, as the originals were almost the first piece of Aeronef model ever designed. The new ones are of the same basic size and style, but much improved in detail – see for yourselves below.


The new mast mould produces twice as many castings per spin than the old one, cutting 3-4 hours off the casting work needed to fulfil the IS pledges. Once the pledges have shipped, the new masts will replace the old ones in all orders.