Trundling Down the Runway

Imperial Skies author Robin visited Brigade Towers yesterday (on a Sunday – how’s that for dedication?) and delivered all of the rulebooks, laser-cut counters and turn rulers for the pledges – so we’re ready to put packages together and start shipping them out 🙂

In fact Robin, Phil and I went as far as to pack up the first half-a-dozen boxes and envelopes and these will be posted on tomorrow (today being a bank holiday here).

The new Lexington master mould should be ready later this week, so everything is now in place to complete the Kickstarter.

If you’re visiting either the Hereward or Colours shows on the next two weekends then you have the option of picking up your rules and models at either of these events – just drop me a line and I’ll arrange it. If you do, then I’m sure we can also arrange an extra model or two in lieu of postage.



Can I go ahead and get on the waitlist for a copy of the rulebook and the laser cut turning templates? 🙂