Show Business 2018

If you’re looking for this week’s new releases, they have been delayed by an unforeseen lack of Army Painter dip to finish off the painting … although I immediately ordered a new tin, it only arrived this morning so it’ll be a day or two before everything has dried and can be varnished. Come back Tuesday, they should be ready by then…

I’ve recently updated our list of shows for 2018 on the website; we’re attending the same ones as last year, with one exception, although we’re always on the lookout for new events to get to.

  • February 11th – ROBIN, Nottingham
  • February 25th – Cavalier, Tonbridge
  • April 14th – Salute, London
  • June 10th – Broadside
  • July 15th (date TBC) – The Joy of Six
  • Sept 2nd – Hereward
  • Oct 21st – SELWG
  • Nov 3rd (date TBC) – Crisis

The exception this year is that for family reasons we won’t be at Colours in Newbury; it falls on a significant birthday which I wouldn’t want to miss. I’m hoping that by letting the organisers know this far in advance, I can miss just this one and be back in 2019.