The Final Frontier

Almost a year ago (the first models appeared at Salute 2017) we started on the redesign and relaunch of our European Federation spaceship fleet. Today, that task is finally complete as we release the last of the new designs.

First up are two rather unusual fighter carrier types, the Revanche and the Vaban. What makes them different is that both are parasite carriers, with their fighters carried in external racks on the underside of each vessel. The Revanche carries six of the new Moustique strikeboats, while the much smaller Vaban carries six Comete light interceptors. The Revanche is a resin casting with metal parts, while the Vaban is metal.

Which leads straight onto the new Moustique strikeboat – this is effectively a large fighter design (I haven’t quite worked out whether it should be depicted as a large fighter or a very small ship in Starmada).

For system defence we have the Montcalm monitor, a destroyer sized vessel without an FTL drive, which utilises the extra space to carry a heavy-than-normal armament. And to keep tabs on the enemy at long range is the Surveillante Early-Warning craft, reminiscent of a modern-day AWACS.

And finally, … something brand new, the Cormoran shuttle craft. Used for both courier and assault lander duties, the Cormoran is a common sight around EuroFed fleets.

SFS-412 – Revanche Strikeboat Carrier – £5.00
SFS-413 – Vaban Patrol Carrier – £1.75
SFS-462 – Moustique Strikeboat (x12) – £2.00
SFS-490 – Montcalm System Monitor – £1.50
SFS-492 – Surveillante AWACS – £0.75
SFS-493 – Cormoran Shuttle (x2) – £0.75

SFSP-403 – EuroFed Patrol Fleet – £22.00

I can’t help but think the Cormoran shuttle, along with the recently released British Heracles assault shuttle and Athena dropship would be wonderful addition to the 6mm range… Any chance of seeing them?


Hi there, I’m Mandavar from

Those Moustique Strike Boats of yours …
I’ve long since wondered how to aproach similar small crafts in the Star Trek franchise as the Danube, Hideki, Dominion Bugs …

I really liked the way FFG did it in Star Wars Armada. Single transport sized ships are handled just as a fighter squadron is, which makes sense to me.

Though there might be a problem with one carrier fielding 6 of those squadrons …


Any chance the roundels on the Moustique and the Cormoran are 1/600 and 1/300 decals respectively? Just wondering as I’ve always loved the paint job on the pictures of the Hornisse and Kondor classes. Seriously doubted that was freehanded and am looking to finish off some of my own fighters soon.