Wheels, Wheels, Wheels #2

Following on from the vehicles previewed earlier today, we have more wheels (lots and lots of wheels !). This time it’s the large Centurion family of heavy transporter vehicles, which range from the rather dumpy Centurion 400 to the huge 4H6 artillery transporter, which is the size of an HGV.

Each has between four and ten sets of twin wheels for respectable cross-country performance and can be armed with anything from a machine-gun on a hatch to a 20cm rocket-assisted artillery piece in a massive turret. The largest can carry a full platoon of infantry in comfort, and tow an anti-tank gun. What they aren’t however, is front-line fighting vehicles – their armour is modest at best.

As with the other wheeled vehicles, we’re still finalising the exact turret configurations. And the prices may change as I do a final breakdown of the costs – there is a lot of metal and resin in all of these models…

HS15-2211 – Centurion 400 – £9.00
HS15-2212 – Centurion 202 – £10.00
HS15-2213 – Centurion 204 – £11.00
HS15-2216 – Centurion 4F6 – £17.50
HS15-2217 – Centurion 4H6 Artillery Hog – £20.00