Struck by Lightning

A couple of weeks’ ago I had the good fortune to play a game of Hammer’s Slammers:The Crucible against author John Treadaway. I fielded two detachments of the Lightning Division (infantry and tank platoons) from the updated list, while John had a Zaporoskiye Heavy Assault detachment, both with some slight tweaks. After turn one it was all going so well, but that turned out to be the high water mark of my attack and it fizzled out in a storm of Kestrel and Brumbar missiles…

You can enjoy one or two pictures that I took below, and read John’s far better illustrated write-up here.

My LD models weren’t quite finished for this game – I had a varnish disaster (every wargamer knows what it’s like to watch your carefully painted models slowly turning white…) so they were fielded as best they could be after some panicked remedial work. They’ve since had a more comprehensive repair job, so I’ll write that up as a blog post in the near future along with some more photos.