Spanish Flat-top

Our Spanish Aeronef models, released two Salutes ago in 2017, have been very popular so far. Although a fairly well-rounded fleet, they’ve been missing one class of ship, namely an aircraft carrier. I previewed a CGI design a little while back and at Salute this year the physical model will make its appearance.

The Príncipe de Asturias class are large vessels with a main deck that flares out beyond the main hull. At each corner is an AA turret, with maintenance hangars at each end of the deck and twin funnels either side. The narrow flight deck arcs over the top, with the tiny main bridge at flight deck level on the port side.

VAN-1910 – Príncipe de Asturias class Carrier – £9.00


Oooh, that will complete my fleet very nicely!

Any chance of some Caudron G.3 type fighters for them (and the French)?


The Spanish have some fighters on the way (these are monoplanes but in sure there will be some more biplanes in the range at some point)


Hopefully, if all goes well – there was a minor issue with the masters so we’ve had to get them reprinted, I’m hoping that won’t delay them too much