A Billion Suns

If you haven’t already heard of it, A Billion Suns is a new set of spaceship rules from Osprey. They have been written by Mike Hutchinson, author of Gaslands, so come with a great pedigree, and are due for release in August*. Mike has been kind enough to include a number of photos of our models in the book, which he has painted himself (very, very well it must be said, as you can see from the photos below which are all Mike’s work). We plan on stocking the rulebook as soon as it appears.

We’ve been lucky enough to have been included in the playtest group and have played a number of games as it has evolved. The rules are very different from any other set – not just in the combat mechanisms, but the whole premise of the game which is much more about resource management than huge fleet actions. Rather than trying to explain it here, we’ll just point you at the rule’s homepage, where you can find out all about it. There’s also an active Facebook page which you can join and ping questions at Mike.

*UPDATE – Mike has posted on the Facebook group recently – the release has been pushed back from May until August this year.